Developer Update

Another jam-packed release from the Libertas Team, has landed.
This time you can enjoy the following updates (big and small in no particular order):

  • Share service — you can now share any stream you like with full details and thumbnail
  • Smooth progress bar dragging — drastically improving the experience for users with poor internet connectivity and speeds
  • Loading indicator — showing you when the audio stream is loading
  • Correct aspect ratio and size of all thumbnails — in line with industry standard to facilitate the import process for established content creators
  • Thumbnails now loading strictly and exclusively from IPFS — increasing the levels of decentralization
  • New menu bar on desktop — links to the Libertas Infosite as well as to all our Social Media presence
  • Ability for users to contact us regarding: AMAs, Onboarding, Other
  • A more aesthetically pleasing background for each audio stream in focus
  • Legal documents updated — Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

New Menu on Libertas Vox

We are always looking for ways to ensure we have a platform that is as resilient as possible in today’s climate of uncertainty. Currently the Libertas Vox database is migrating to SQL, which will allow us to spin up dedicated co-located servers quickly and reliably, as and when needed, to ensure an uninterrupted service. This will prevent Libertas from suffering the same fate that other social media platforms have incurred.

Parler deplatformed by AWS

In the coming weeks we are going to make our Testnet available to all members of the community who wish to participate in the testing of the Tipping and Staking functionalities.

A small taster of our testing efforts can be seen here:

For testing purposes, you can currently see both the staking and the tipping functionalities under the same roof. Our intention is for the tipping to be visible and accessible on each stream’s description, making it simpler and faster for you to tip everyone you like. This will happen closer to the Mainnet release.

With the growing adoption and use of our platform, our expenses are also growing. Uniswap transactions incur a 0.3% swapping fee which is immediately deposited into liquidity reserves. Moving forward we will utilise these fees at the end of each month to allow us to cover infrastructure costs, now that the usage and bandwidth are starting to become much costlier, so as to avoid the Team adding sell pressure to the market.

In Development

With testing of the Tipping and Staking functionalities continuing on in the background, the Development team is also working on the implementation of:

  • Themes (Light, Dark, Other)
  • User accounts / profiles
  • Live Streaming via WebRTC
  • A way for content creators to group their work in a logical manner
  • A way for users to retrieve all of a specific content creator’s work
  • Creator playlists
  • User Playlists
  • Collections
  • Group by {x} functionality (uploader wallet, artist, genre)
  • Third Party APIs to allow platforms such as Apple and Spotify to Integrate with us
  • RSS feeds
  • Migration from Ethereum

Early work in progress

Thank You

We would like to give a massive thank you to the content creators that have begun adopting Libertas VOX by uploading their original work.

Gerwin van Engelenburg

Gerwin van Engelenburg





Minister Of Badness

Minister of Badness

Lost in Caravaggio

Lost in Caravaggio

Love in Colour

Love in Colour

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