Libertas VOX version 1.2 is now LIVE!

We have propelled ourselves into 2021 in preparation for the launch of the highly-anticipated upgrade to Libertas Vox.

This week sees a brand new landing page for our platform, featuring easier navigation, categories, tags and AI powered searches.

The player has been revamped with a new, modern design that is in line with today’s aesthetics.

You can find the new UI live on our platform.

Libertas VOX interface
The new Libertas VOX

Major backend upgrades have also taken place, these will enable us to deliver updates with minimal turnaround via the use of continuous integration and deployment. Our plan is to continue developing and improving every aspect of the platform, both backend and frontend as well as creating user guides to start onboarding initial users and content creators. We will be working closely with initial users to ensure the platform matches their expectations whilst striving to exceed them. Additionally, we are in the process of forming a focus group that will help us shape the future of our platform.

Furthermore, we are working on our smart contracts that will enable tipping and revenue distribution among holders along with the Liberate functionality, which will give token holders the opportunity to promote content they enjoy, as well as many other improvements and additions to make the platform as user friendly and intuitive as possible. We hope to release these functionalities in the near future, following rigorous testing.

Libertas solidity development
Libertas Tipping Development

We are currently exploring several partnerships and integrations that we hope to announce soon. One of the important components we are developing for later release, is ‘bridges’ for interoperability between user content and third party services, to both increase our decentralization and provide a service similar to how RSS feeds work. This means if our service is disrupted for any reason we will have alternative ways to access content, and third parties will be able to integrate with our platform.

Content creators are now able to easily categorise their content and tag it, ensuring it appears in our new artificial-intelligence driven search engine.

Users can now search for podcasts using any of the following criteria:

  • Author (Content Creator)
  • Episode Name (Name of the episode)
  • Description (Description of the podcast)
  • Category (Type of podcast)
  • Tags (Keywords)
  • Unique Identifier (CID for the Interplanetary File System)

…and more — additionally we ensured the algorithm only returns content that matches your exact search criteria. As we progress further, expect the search results to improve along with the optimisation of the system.

Our team has grown by an additional three members — Mirko who will be looking after our marketing, Jonas and Ryuhei who are helping with the development and in turn will enable us to deliver further functionality in a shorter frame of time. We now also have a Telegram Community Manager, Shirry, who has been growing and managing our telegram communities with excellent results.

We are delighted that our community has expanded and we have a dedicated Filipino channel. As the project grows, we expect to continue expanding world-wide with further localised communities.

Libertas Philippines community
Libertas Philippines

Our community has been steadily growing across all platforms, including Parler (before it went offline) and Gab; despite being a politically neutral platform, we recognise that censorship has affected all communities and we are here to provide a platform for them — and everyone to speak their mind and engage in healthy debate.

In other news, the second episode of ‘The Libertas Show’ podcast is now live, exclusively on Libertas VOX until the 24th on January.

This episode is hosted by long term fan of the project and community member Trevor, accompanied by a childhood friend of Kyle’s — David Ayres. Topics discussed were cryptocurrency, the 2017 bullrun as well as various aspects of the Project.

Some exciting news was announced during the podcast, and we look forward to going into further detail in upcoming announcements, articles, podcasts and releases.

In conclusion, the online world is currently riddled with a severe case of censorship-disease. Big Tech is silencing far too many voices and we are elated to be in a position to make a difference to everyone’s online presence.

Libertas VOX is live, come and upload your content, spread the word, join us on Telegram where you can always chat with us and share your suggestions.

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