Developer Update — March 31st 2021

Time has flown for the Libertas Team due to how busy we have all been, working on making Libertas VOX the go-to platform for everyone who loves decentralization and for everyone whose voice has been silenced.

We are excited to have great artists upload their material onto Libertas VOX.

Thank you all, keep up the good music!

You can find their tracks on


Uniswap has recently announced they will be releasing V3 of their platform.

This will introduce:

  • Concentrated liquidity
  • Multiple Fee Tiers

These updates will make Uniswap the most flexible and efficient AMM ever designed.

With V3, Uniswap are targeting an L1 Ethereum mainnet launch on May 5, with an L2 deployment on Optimism set to follow shortly after.

For further details follow this link:

With the introduction of V3, Uniswap’s router will change, rendering our current contract (which you can find here: obsolete before we can Audit it and before we deploy it to mainnet.

As such we have had to make the decision to condense the current contract by removing the ability for transactions to be carried out in USDT and ETH, as this uses the Uniswap V2 router.

Due to the above information, we have decided to postpone Testnet until our Routerless condensed Libertas only contract (no ETH or USDT — temporarily) has been refactored and optimised appropriately.

We have begun working on integrating with V3 which is truly exciting as it will open up a brand new world of technological innovation.

Internal discussions for L2 solutions have begun, whilst also considering blockchains other than Ethereum for Libertas to migrate to.

Decentralization is our main goal and we are happy to report that after extensive talks with our community, the general consensus was in line with ours, as such we have discarded some of the more widely adopted options such as BSC because it is too centralized for our mission.

Internal discussions are leading us to a solution where we bridge between ETH and FTM ( to achieve both total decentralization and reduced transaction fees.


VOX player:
— Smooth dragging of progress bar (this will drastically improve the experience for people with slow or less than ideal internet connections)
— Loading indicator when audio is loading
— Additional options for sharing on Social Media

— All thumbnails and images are now in line with Podcast Industry Standards (square, with a size of 1400px x 1400px on upload) making for a smoother transition for all the Content Creators uploading their material on VOX
— Account pages

— Fresh new background for each file uploaded (click on the name of the file you wish to listen to, to be taken to its dedicated page where you will experience this fresh new background)
— There is now a progress bar for you to see while your file is being uploaded and processed

— All artwork is now loading exclusively through IPFS, in line with our fully decentralized vision for the VOX platform
— VOX has a new menu, where you will find links back to the main Libertas infosite and all of our social media, as well as ways for Content Creators, Users and everyone else to get in touch with us
— The Liberate functionality has been completed

— Additional IPFS node configured to support Apple devices
— Multiple bug fixes around specific devices found by the community


Libertas.Network — our infosite — has been given a fresh new look. Our frontend team is working on bringing VOX up to the same standard of design as our infosite to ensure brand recognition and style continuity.

Just above the infosite’s footer you will now notice you can subscribe to our newsletter, so you can keep up to date with the latest news from the team.

The Navigation bar on Libertas.Network has a new resident. We have added a One-Pager which summarises all of the key information and is easy to share thanks to its PDF format.


We are happy to have been joined by two additional Developers.

Prithvish Baidya — Full Stack Developer
Abass Adamo — Backend Developer