Announcing Libertas VOX!

Since launching the Libertas Project in July 2020 we have been busy fulfilling our mission to deliver a censorship resistant — free-speech…

Announcing Libertas VOX!

Since launching the Libertas Project in July 2020 we have been busy fulfilling our mission to deliver a censorship resistant — free-speech hybrid platform by utilizing the combined power of the Ethereum blockchain, IPFS and our own custom architecture.

Today we are happy to showcase version 1.0 of Libertas Vox which allows users to publish podcasts through the Libertas Network and distribute them throughout IPFS. The podcasts are converted and split into chunks using our in-house audio processing module for a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. Our DAPP can stream any podcast uploaded by a valid Ethereum wallet. As stated in the roadmap it is now our intention to move the Ethereum wallet mapping into a solidity contract on the Blockchain, as opposed to our current — yet temporary measure on Firebase.

At this point in time, the application runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. We are experiencing a few instability issues with iOS devices, which we intend to resolve as a matter of priority.

As all of you know, our sole focus was to combat cancel culture, and as such we have focussed on the core functionality for this release, in order to provide content creators an alternative to the current censorship-prone platforms. We are expecting a few bugs and stability issues but let us reassure you that fixing these, along with continuous development and enhancement of the platform, will be our highest priority.

To assist us with optimizing the system as efficiently as possible, we would appreciate all users of the platform to report back to us any issues they may have, along with the device they are using.

We recommend that once you open the DAPP, you pin it to your homepage with the name ‘Libertas Vox’ so you can access our application just like you would if you had downloaded it from the Play Store.

Lock-screen request granted

You will be pleased to know that on mobile devices it works both as a background service (so that you can switch between your browser and your apps and still listen to your favourite podcasts), and it works behind the lock-screen too.

Libertas Vox player working behind Android lock-screen

Unlike other media platforms, we will never charge anyone for this fantastic functionality!

This functionality has been designed with the listeners in mind. We wanted you to safely turn on the Podcast, lock the screen and begin your activities without the need to worry about your phone.

Live URL:

Introducing the Liberate button

Currently the main benefit of holding our Libertas token is to receive a portion of the fees processed on the platform, however we are working hard on implementing additional functionalities and incentives in the ecosystem, which we will be announcing in the coming weeks.

Today, we are ready to announce a new functionality that will allow a new way of interacting with your tokens on our platform in the near future..

We understand that content creators are an important part of any media platform. In order to encourage them to be a part of our journey from our early days, we will give content creators and their audience the power to utilise their Libertas tokens to ‘liberate’ their podcasts from obscurity up into our popular podcasts menu — a ranked list of the most popular podcasts in the past 24 hours. In addition to this, each person holding Libertas tokens will be able to liberate any podcast they enjoy listening to — on our platform. This action will be completely free, utilising signatures on the blockchain that will verify each users’ Libertas balance (weighted proportionally). Measures will be put in place to prevent the same content trending each day. Think of it as liking a YouTube video, except on our platform your likes will matter.

Staying true to our mission — we do not want to display content that you did not request, and as such this will be separate from the podcast player, as we are for freedom-of-choice and do not want to force content on our users. At the same time this will allow users to see what is popular on our platform.

At Libertas we believe this strikes the perfect balance.

We will go live with these functionalities once they are properly tested. As you probably already know, things in crypto move quickly and so do we!

So keep an eye on our project to catch up with the latest updates.

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And don’t forget to test our live dapp! — Libertas VOX